Healing Reiki & Dark Power Unvieled: 10 Things not to do.

Here is a list of royally stupid things to do if you are battling someone who truly carries dark power:

  1. attempt to bind them but really end up binding them to themselves.
  2. attempt to curse them, but really end up cursing your self.
  3. attempt to ‘banish’ them from your life, but end up banishing yourself.
  4. look up a great hex. can you guess the second part? resulting in hexing yourself.
  5. call your local priest and beg them to do a blessing to deposess them without thier permission
  6. go online and write really dumb and horrible things that will provoke them further
  7. Tell them to go to church. repeatedly.
  8. Pray that bad spirits will hurt them, wtf, they love bad spirits- they are all pals.
  9. Repeatedly seek out members of the community that they work with, and blast them with horrible stories of your experience. until they are shamed away.
  10. Call a voudou priest or priestess to cast a working on them.


Pretty much everything on this list is a no go. You should definitely not go consult people on the issue that you think might talk to them unless you think that meditation will work in your specific case.

Here are 10 things you should do that will help you greatly in your situation:

  1. meditate, daily, with ground present wether through stones or through actual soil.
  2. pray if it is your style, but pray for something focused and specific such as: “may this person exit my life fully with love and grace releasing all attachment to me, I give them their freedom, to be who they are lovingly wether I like them or not.”
  3. GROUND: I cannot express this any less deeply. People who like to be out of balance, cause trouble, and really interfere with your life from a place of dark power- do not know how to properly ground. They may even say they love the earth, and that they are an ‘animal person’ or say ‘kids love me’ but deep down they get irritable when camping for more than a couple of days, can’t stand silence, and get annoyed by birds chirping. Don’t let them drag you into that mess with them. Go GROUND.
  4. Talk to your trusted advisors and teachers, not thiers. Do not go out of your way to make your disagreement with thier behavior known, public, or even a ‘raised awareness’. But don’t be silent either, own your voice.
  5. Don’t talk to people they talk to, realize these people are enablers. Don’t be one of them. In the words of a good friend ‘don’t be a fuckin follower, what are you a sheep?’ Well you’ve met their flock, now move on to higher ground naturally.
  6. Realize these people are deeply narcicisstic, in thier nature- that is where a lot of dark power, but not all dark power comes from.
  7. Stop REACTING to them everytime they do these incredible and insane things to get your attention, treat it like a business. Are you absolutely obligated to interact at all? If not. Then don’t.
  8. Don’t just use these basics we all know are true: ground, shield, and deflect. don’t use ‘mirroring’ images in your meditations for building shielding. They serve only to seriously encourage this person to build up thier ammo, and they will just not react to this as a normal person would. Shiny is not always good, sometimes it is bad. Use other methods, soft blue, silver, gold, etc. DO not use white light to shield every time because it is not neutralizing- it will cause them to feed on you.
  9. Shut down, yes!!! Close your chakras, be numb, if you need to it is ok for a while. not for forever. Just for now, if you are around a person who is seriously dark and icky close your entire system. Even in physical presentation. Appear closed, stay aware not arms open wide you are not here to heal them. or hurt them.
  10. The Big One: Even people who go on and on and on and ON about being in the light, and how good they are as a person, are sometimes really fuckin dark on the inside. Be ware, that these people will create more chaos than they ever believed possible in your life and in thiers. They cannot heal anyone, because they cannot heal themselves, and it is usually not obvious at first.

Bonus Fact: Many people who are truly carrying a dark power, in thier reiki and healing work actually are easy to spot because they carry a seeming light about them. Sometimes people just literally are gaining it from other sources for they do not know how to create it themselves. Huge indicator of a ‘dark healer’ is a person who actually has a jesus like following and appears to feed off others, repeatedly. A person who cannot be alone.

hope this helps! ❤ more to come..



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