Meditation For Empaths

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                   I don’t why everybody makes meditation such a serious, and arduous endeavor. Personally, I think everybody has their own natural way to meditate within- and is simply our job to find what works for us individually. Meditation is one of those things, it is not complex, it does not take a great amount of effort, it is not meant to be perfectly serious, and there is no perfect way to do it. Some will pick it up more easily than others, and some will always struggle with it. But it’s not impossible, for everyone to benefit from- in fact, meditation is something we all do unconsciously already. It is through all of these advanced studies that we better learn to use it, and use it well. We are only training our minds to find a space of peace, and hold it for a few minutes. Over time, we build on that few minutes- second by second, and then it becomes like second nature- more enjoyable, and bringing deeper periods of vitality for all.

To begin, meditation is not hard- it is just a big word that is used to describe a feeling that we want to feel but haven’t made it to yet. Here are a few strategies that help many to feel more comfortable, center, and move forward with their personal meditation goals.

  1. Exercise  Walking Meditation. For those who have struggled with sitting meditations, or who believe that sitting on your rear for hours is the only way to do it right, here is a better answer. To complete a walking meditation, you simply find your space of peace and walk with it. Make sure to clear any potential obstacles from your path, or do this in a space where you feel comfortable and aware of your surroundings. This could even be completed in circles around your couch the first few tries, or in a neighborhood setting during a quiet time of morning when kids are not at play. Walking meditation is very easy. All you need to do is create your own personal ritual to bring yourself to center, let go of all the troubles of the day, and set aside all other thoughts for this time. Your mind is not meant to be completely empty, but full of what you wish to put in it. Choose a thought that is peaceful, imagine a great ocean lovingly supporting your journey. You can make this meditation whatever you want, and add to it as needed to keep yourself challenged.
  2. Excercise Being One. This meditation is also very simple and does not require a lot of hard work to get to a positive space or any level of perfection. Center yourself, and lay down or sit comfortably- but try not doing this in your bed or on a couch or you may fall asleep. Instead, take a moment to turn any music down, to settle the space and area for limited distraction- and set an egg timer or a clock on your phone to go off when you are ready to come back to the real world. At first, plan for about 15 minutes- then increase this by five minutes at a time as your progress. Adding about five minutes every week will gradually improve your ability. With yourself in a centeredness, sitting down or lying staring at the ceiling- check for all the little things you might have forgotten. This will alleviate a lot of stress later- give yourself the next five minutes to grab a pillow, a blanket, roll up a towel for under your neck or knees. Make sure you are not going to be distracted by any pain or bodily functions. It helps to give yourself permission to settle these things first if you are an over thinker. If you have to plan to take out a pen and paper and write down all the things that you are afraid will or might distract you from your goal here, and ways you will overcome them. In this meditation, all you have to do is find your oneness with the universe. All you are obligated to do, is simply think about what makes you feel one with all that is. Do you feel disconnected? Work on that. Take account of where and how you feel disconnected from the great universe. Where do you feel most connected, at peace, and one with your divinity? Is it with God? Is it with Goddess? Is it with a great dragon, by your side? Instead of thinking greatly about these possibilities- think simply- where do you remember being the most at peace, the most centered, the most in ‘unity’? When the timer has gone off simply write down a few things that are important to you about this meditation. What worked for you, what didn’t? How can you get yourself there a little faster? Did it take forever, or was it a slow process? Create your image and write this down, describe in detail even, write a blog or a journal about it. Share it with a friend, or family member. This image will be your space to revisit when in trauma or pain when feeling lost or discombobulated. Viola!
  3. Exercise-The Spot. One of the easiest meditations ever to complete requires no thinking at all, simply find a spot on the ceiling or wall, and stare at it. This sounds redundant, and silly yes but it is most effective for those with ADHD, Hyper thinking, Anxiety, OCD, and other major complications. Again, you will want to set a timer only this time you will set it for five minutes. Each day or week you can increase this by one minute as needed, to make the process easier to set in. You will still quiet yourself, and silence your mind for as much as you can- however in this meditation, you will not be focusing on a ‘place’ to go, or a way to get there. You are simply going to ‘become one’ with this dot. Take a piece of paper and stick it to the wall, with a dot on it. Draw it yourself, large or small. Just a focal point. This type of meditation helps us connect ourselves to orienting to a physical space more readily. It also helps, some with vertigo and physical balance- if that is something you are struggling with.

Now, Excercise Music Meditation

This is my favorite by far of all the options I’ve tried, and for me, it is what works the best. Get out your smartphone, laptop, iPad, tablet or another source- and play a good youtube music meditation. Choose your style wisely as some of these videos are so greatly helpful and so greatly annoying too. High pitched tones, or low pitched tones are a good place to start- choosing which you need right now is important. But have at least one go to, that you feel is most suitable for you. Personally, I try to stay away from the more complicated seeming kinds- as they tend to use a lot of distracting high pitches. It is a scientific fact that these high pitches can be very distracting to your ears, whereas the low pitches and tones will be more gentle to you.

So, now you have 4 exercises to try at home, at work, or at school- in your car, in your doctor’s office, or even on your way to bed. Meditation does not have to be so complicated that we get ourselves all worked up and overly concerned about how we are doing it, and if we are doing right or wrong- or somewhere in between. It should not be a stressful process at all, in fact, if it is feeling stressful to you at all, if it is raising your anxiety to take a step back and decide if you can approach it differently. Everybody has their own way of finding peace, creating peace, being one, being relaxed. Everyone is different. Let yourself find the style that suits you best- and stick to that, then build on it. You want to make it to about a half an hour, or less of meditation a day to treat difficult anxiety or stress. But you don’t have to meditate two or three hours each day to gain perfection and those that do often struggle with it.




Miracles Talk about Tourette’s


My friend, Amanda making it on her own now! This is her story. I suggested she take an audition this year with some of my local community theater and spiritual contacts. Several local churches, and other organizations all pitched in and held auditions for this night of miracles. She was chosen, one of 100- to speak with a small group of 6 or more people who spoke that night.

She needs an agent! Nothing’s gonna stop this girl.

Venus Retrograde 2017: Backwards Love



No matter how deep you choose to plunge, or if you simply sit at the surface-Venus retrograde is a magical time for everyone. It is a time to reflect, to cleanse, to clear, and to attune yourself to the truth of love. Venus retrograde will take you to the heights of your best self, and plunge you into a deep understanding of her wisdom. Should you choose to engage her, she will test your strength and push you to see the love in the darkest of places. In every moment of ordinary, venus teaches us to feel again. To trust again. And eventually, to love again- and again, and again.

  1. Releasing the past wounds: Venus has a way of engaging us based on where she falls in our charts, and grants a unique experience for each person. A great bit of wisdom is to use this time in her retrograde to simply release what is holding us back from being and feeling truly loved. It is a great lesson in giving yourself the freedom to love without holding great expectations, but instead learning to be the kindling in one another’s fire. (which is far better than being the one adding the fuel to it!) Venus willingly aids us in many ways, but especially at the time of retrograde- in which her greatest themes echo loudly. It is a good time to examine: am I really trusting or am I running? am I giving all that I can? am I holding on to tightly? Am I not holding on enough? This is a great time to re-evaluate your relationship contract both with yourself and with your partner, in a loving space- and with aim for improving the quality of your shared journey together. Now’s the time, to break out that journal, and ask for the help of Venus to release any and all old wounds that have come up in your mind. Also look for these subjects to be easily triggered in arguments, cause strife where normally there would not be any, or even begin to rip a relationship apart. As with anything, remember- all relationships start within. Ask Venus for her loving compassion, and help in smoothing out these curve balls.
  2. Welcoming the good: Once you have worked through the process of clearing up anything you may have been experiencing from old relationships, take some time to focus on what it’s going to look like for you coming out of retrograde. What kind of love do you want to manifest in your life? Is it all romantic or are there some good friendships you’d like to foster? Are there family relationships in need of your attention? This is a great time to begin working with Venus to affirm that you are willing to release all of what is holding you back, and what you would like to replace it with. Call in the energy of Venus to gracefully help you find your way through this period of time. As we enter the end of retrograde- send your intent for manifestation out with a bang, celebrating all that you have released, and let go of. Make a date for yourself, to spend some time taking yourself out for a change. Take a long bath, relish in your hard work, and welcome in the positive energy of love to now carry you through the rest. Viola! You are set. Great Venus has you in her womb, and is carrying you forward.
  3. Connecting with your one: Venus retrograde is a great period of time to begin focusing on how to attract both your ‘highest self’ and your ‘highest partner’s self’. Some people we are more connected to than others, and some are just simply soul mates- not necessarily meant to be partners. Realize that your one may manifest in any number of forms- even a one night stand, to get your attention. I think that venus urges us to explore and find ourselves in the wonder of what is possible. We could find our one’s at the most possible romantic location ever, or simply sitting in a cafe perusing the morning paper. She grants us this opportunity also during this time to work on how we want to meet that person, how we want to have these experiences, and how we would like to manifest them. So consider that the universe though it does not always give us what we ask for, is listening closely at this time. Do we want to have a more causal meeting with our one at first, or a great big gushing warm fuzzy romantic date to set the stage? Some times it is not best to choose the later, but you are the only one who knows what is right for you. This is a great time to ask Venus for her help towards the end of retrograde, and let her loving influence begin to help ‘smooth out’ the challenge of being with the one who is just right for you. However, challenging find the one can be for so many- you will notice what is the most natural to you is where and how you are most likely to find them. Rest assured, he probably isn’t stuck in a condom- but he may need some help shining up that armor! You never know what kind of trauma’s your one has been through, until you are ready yourself.


Venus grants us the great opportunity to look at love differently during retrograde, to help us resolve issues of the past, and to grant us some extra help in moving towards healthier and more loving experiences down the road. Always grant your gratitude when working with Venus, whether it is for the wisdom of the blunders we have all made in love- or even just for her loving energy in this transition. Give her a chance, let her in your heart, and she will help you shine.



Wedged: A Generation In Crisis

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You can smell the years of pain, sacrifice, and commitment have not faded from the shoulders of this living room chair. The large leather arm chair in the center of our living room, holds the key to all the great leaders of our family, carries the weight of every generation, and grants a bit of wisdom in it’s distress. This space of this chair in all it’s comfort begs the question: are we really listening to each other?

The impact of listening on different generations.

     Over the many generations of this family, ranging in ages from 1 to 70, there are two things that are unavoidably true- we do not know how to talk to one another, and we do not know how to actively listen. Our greatest strengths in this generation are also our greatest weaknesses, and technology has taken over where healthy family conversation once prevailed.

     We are letting down our great grandparents, and their dreams for us- of unity. Where has their wisdom gone? We have stopped welcoming them. We have stopped sharing the stories of their sacrifices, the legend of their lost loves, and the love that they brought us. We have all become lost, and we don’t know how to communicate or listen with empathy not because we were not taught, because we have forgotten to use and nurture wisdom not just intelligence.

     How do we get back to the heart of our own hearths? How do we find ourselves and each other again, in this sea of self perpetuated distraction? How do we re learn how to talk to each other when we are hurting, how do we teach ourselves again how to listen with compassion? These are the things that we have lost touch with in our great act of growing up. We have forgotten to be humans being.

     The only way we will ever find each other, is to become one with our connection to community again. Wether we use technology to improve our connection to our greater tribes or to avoid them, is up to each of us. Get up, go out for a walk. Get to know your neighbors. Take one step at a time. Sit down and talk to your aging parents, and appreciate their stories. When your kids want to go to the park, take them everyday that you can. Give them toys that don’t require a TV, or a movie to get through. Spend time with each other. We all have a place in our own sense of tribe, and community to find and nurture.

    Our ancestors knew we have a great obligation to our tribe to support one another, yet these youngest generations have been taught to serve themselves first- often to the detriment of the greater needs of the community. Here as givers, for Happy the App our choices may be challenged at times- and we are learning to serve. If we can reach these generations that like this arm chair- hold up our spirits, we can reach the whole world.

Transformation At Last

This week starts a new beginning, the launch of Happy the App for IOS is bringing me to a new stage in my journey: working from home every day of the week, all hours of the day and night too. So far it has been a rough transition from winter, to almost spring here in the Midwest- and the snow was still coming in just days ago. Tomorrow it will be almost 60 degrees, bright, sunny- and finally, the sunshine will peek through the clouds a bit.

This wasn’t the transition I planned, but the one I’ve been waiting for the last six years. I have my own story, in surviving carbon monoxide poisoning twice now- I have my own health difficulties. This week set the stage for a new phase and unexpected last minute changes. I was diagnosed with a series of cysts that run in the family along with PCOS which is a distinct possibility. Though I already have back issues coming in this year from a car accident, I had been hoping that after round two of battling carbon monoxide poisoning I might finally get some answers. And there it is, after years of abdominal pain- a cyst on my ovary that was pronounced enough to be noticeable. Monday will bring new doctors, and new test. Just 24 hours before the launch of the new app!

My new job, will be blogging for Happy the App and taking calls part time as a giver/paid listener. I’ll be making a good wage, very reasonably. I won’t be having to commute or leave the house, or travel as much as before. That will be a huge relief. No more five hundred miles or more a week for me, and I will happy to put Amazon, Doordash, Postmates, Uber, and all driving apps on the backburner- officially no longer needing them to support my regular income.

I have set up my new office, with a long white makeshift table desk and a nice red arm chair so far. I keep arranging, and rearranging it a million times- and still hoping it is just right. I have swept, and cleaned this room over and over again after the long flu season. I’ve got my books for quick reference up on the top and ready. Some art and artwork, set up to do while I am listening, and as I have breaks. And now tomorrow is the real deal.

I don’t think I could possibly even be ready. Everything feels so awkward, and not quite prepared. I’ve been down for the count recovering from pneumonia for the last few weeks while my mom and niece got better pretty quickly. Here we have two little ones, my eldest niece who is 23, my mom, and sometimes even my sister. A house full of women, and no men dare come near anymore.

So, tomorrow it is on to doctors appointments and setting up to take calls over wifi for the app. It will be the most freedom I may have ever had in my working life ever. It’s a huge step, a leap I wasn’t sure I could make, and a very grateful transition.

Reiki Healing


Ushi Shiki Ryho : Second Degree, working on level 3/Mastering


“Chokorei, Se=he=ki, Hon=Sha=Ze=Sho=Nee-en.” 

May the light of universe be with you, 

May your heaven and earth be in balance, 

The light in me honors the light in you. 


Healing Your Venus: Relationships Born In Retrograde




Placeholder ImageI once had a relationship born out of a venus retrograde that was one of the most pivotal and illuminating relationships I have ever had, taking me back in time- literally over and over again, to address my own issues. My experience with these however, is that as beautiful as these retrograde relationships can be they are also somewhat implosive. They tend to be easier as short lived experiences which take a long time to process, as they are also very deep. There is such beauty in the revealing nature of venus retrograde, however, it also brings forward a lot of past life karmic ties to be re evaluated, released, and cleared- or brought into balance. I’ve found that those who tend to fall in love during these times are also people who have a venus retrograde in thier birth charts- and struggle to love any other way. Relationships for them may tend towards the uncommitted, short, travelling, or even non-romantic in focus. Sometimes, it’s really not about the sex, after all!

I felt personally like my venus retrograde partnership was absolutely beautiful, a fragille, vulnerable, and deep connection that brought out the intense passionate nature we both shared for life, for love, and for adventure. We always said it we would stick together through hell or high water, and that was what it was all about! To be honest, I was just hoping we’d make it through one or the other eventually. Not suprisingly the relationship ended also on the verge of another venus retrograde transit- and bounced back a few times before completing obliterating itself. I think some relationships we simply have to learn from, release from, and move on from, and if we are able to do that we are lucky human beings.

One thing we were very focused on were the dates of our meeting. For instance, the first meeting occured going into samhain- whereas the seriousness of our relationship came together on 11-11, precisely at a well known spiritual location too. We bonded over flutes, picking up each other’s notes precisely in harmony from the moment that we figured out that we could. We seamlessly fell together into a weaving of fate, and we firmly fell out of it three years later.

After tireless, and endless working on ourselves and our partnership- for all of the peace that we created together- the warring of the world consumed us. It was no longer time for us, and weeks before even I felt it. This particular partnership as beautiful and deep as it was also became consumed by alchohol and drugs, and bitter fights in the middle of the night over wether to make up or accept defeat and let go. It was strange, and pure, and intense, and it was madness at it’s best by the end.

But it brought out the absolute best and worst in both of us, and revealed a lot of places where we both needed to heal, and the energy of venus brought us together as quickly as venus pushed us apart. He used to say, I knew it- you are my venus! My astrological Venus, that is, the person who represents the best pieces of me. Who matches me in every way. As sweet as this sounded, and as romantic as Venus can be- I think my savvy astrological boyfriend at the time may have over looked a few things. My venus being in virgo, did not help our plight- and demanded a lot more groundedness I think than he was prepared for.

This week, venus will transition into retrograde fully at it’s peak and on the full moon we will also be in Virgo- which will bring out the light strongly for all who’s astrology embraces virgo fully. As i have very little earth in my chart, my venus in virgo is a very grounded sense of love.  I hope to myself never have to fall in love gain in a venus retrograde- however will always cherish the timing and the beauty of my retrograde partner. If you ever find yourself falling for someone during retrograde- just remember they are going to bring out your deepest darkest and your best just as easily as you chose them. And be prepared, though venus is not always gentle- she can help guide your hand with love and grace.



Winter Reflections in the Snow

As the snow falls today, I am reminded that there is a great peace in knowing who you are. A few inches should fall before morning, and I will be myself watching from my sleepy eyes out the window to take in the last few bursts of white billowing specks for the season.